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Trade Dahlias for Free with Dahlia Swap

Trade Dahlia Tubers for Free with Dahlia Swap

What’s better than a great deal on top-quality dahlias? Dahlia swaps! Like all dahlia lovers, we’re always hunting for new varieties. If you also love a good trade, let's get together.


If you can swap at least ten tubers total (could be ten of one variety, or one of ten different varieties), send us a proposal!

How do dahlia trades work?

We'll communicate to set up a trade we're both excited about, exchange addresses, then we will each ship a box with each other's tubers in the spring.

Check out what we have to trade to you:

Anything not yet sold out in our store is available to trade to you for free.

Check out our wish list and download the swap form

Scroll down to see our wish list for this season, then download our swap form. Don't be afraid to propose varieties that aren't on the list, though. There are plenty we don't know about yet.

Email Dan with your swap proposal

Send the swap form back to with your proposal. Please fill out the form with:

  • The varieties you'd like to receive from us with the quantities of each.

  • The varieties you'd like to send to us, along with the quantities of each.

  • Your shipping address


If spreadsheets aren't your thing, that's ok - just send me an email!


We will respond, make a deal, and ship!

We'll both make edits to the trade until we're happy with it.


Shipping time - April 15th

We'll ship our boxes to each other on April 15th. Let us know if you need some tips. We've shipped a few tubers in our time!

Dahlia Swap boxes 2023.jpg

Great Dahlia Swap
of 2023

Last season, we traded 1800 home-grown, healthy tubers with gardeners and farmers all over America. Boy was it fun opening all those boxes that spring! 

Dahlia swaps saved us and our partners more than 95% over retail prices. Imagine what your garden would look like if the money in your tuber budget was stretched twenty times! All anybody had to pay was the cost of shipping.

And here's the best part: instead of tearing our hair out stalking dozens of online sales, we were able to skip the dahlia hunger games and trade with other dahlia lovers at our leisure for varieties that would have been nearly impossible to get at sales.

We LOVE dahlia swaps, and we know you'll love them too!

Not ready to swap this year, but want to stay in the loop? Sign up on our interest form below to be the first to know when next year's swap season begins! We expect to have between 200-300 varieties to trade with you in 2025.


Our 2023-2024 wish list

This is an ever-evolving list, but see below for the varieties we hope to trade for in 2023-2024. You can also download the list as a spreadsheet here.

Our Wish Lst

AC Big Mary

AC Jeri


All That Jazz

Alloway Candy

Andy's Legacy

Apelsini Sniega

Apple Blossom


Big Brother

BJ's Dusty Rose

Blah Blah Blah

Bloomquist Alan

Bloomquist Blush

Bloomquist Compare

Bloomquist Curt

Bloomquist Ginnie

Bloomquist Golden

Bloomquist Jean

Bloomquist Mojo

Bloomquist Pinwheel

Bloomquist Sam

Bloomquist Tory P

Bloomquist York

Blyton Softer Gleam


Bracken Ruse

Bubbling Over

Bumble Rumble


Cafe au Lait Mini

Camano Mordor

Camano Sitka

Cameo Peach

Caramel Antique

Caribbean Fantasy




Chimacum Katie

Chloe Janae

Citron du Cap

Clearview Butterscotch

Clearview Daniel

Clearview Danielle

Clearview Debby

Clearview Jonas

Clearview Lila

Clearview Peachy

Clyde's Choice

Crossfield Ebony


Daddy's Girl


Dark Spirit

David Howard

Double Jill

Elma Elizabeth

Ferncliff Inspiration

Ferncliff Rusty

Ferncliff Spice


French Doll

Gabbie's Wish


Ginger Snap

Gitty Up

Hamilton Lillian

Hapet Champagne


Hillcrest Kismet

Hillcrest Suffusion

Hollyhill Black Widow

Hollyhill Cotton Candy

Hollyhill Electra

Hollyhill Miss White

Hollyhill Peachy Keen

Hollyhill Pink Martini

Hollyhill Pinkie

Hollyhill Pollyanna

Hollyhill Serenity

Honey Dew (FD)

Hy Patti

Hy Suntan

Ice Cube

Irish D Porter

Irish Ruffles


Jersey Beauty

Jowey Frambo

Jowey Mirella

Jowey Nicky

Jowey Winnie

Karma Choc

Karma Prospero

Karmel Korn

KA's Bella Luna

KA's Blood Orange

KA's Boho Peach

KA's Champagne

KA's Cloud

KA's Keltie Rose

KA's Khaleesi

KA's Mocha Jake

KA's Mocha Jo

KA's Mocha Katie

KA's Mocha Maya

KA's Peppercorn

KA's Rosie Jo

Kelgai Ann

Kelsey Annie Joy

Kelvin Floodlight

Kenora Lisa

Kick Off

Kogane Fubuki

Koko Puff

Lady Darlene

Lakeview Lucky

Lakeview Peach Fuzz

Last Dance

Le Baron


Maltby Pearl


Marionberry Milkshake

Megan Dean

Mingus Phillip Sr

Miss Amara

Mission Gypsy

MM Buttercream

My Forever

My Hero

Narrows Ryder

Natalie G

Netherton Cindy


Nick Sr

Night Silence

Oh Honey!


Orange Globe


Penhill Dark Monarch

Pink Runner


Quiet Splendor

Red Labyrinth

River's Yellow Snow

Robann Creamsicle

Roque Starburst

Rose Toscano

Ryecroft Jan

Salish Twilight Girl

Salmon Runner

Sandia Brocade

Sandia Summertime

Scaur Swinton


Sefton Silvertop

Sherwood's Peach


Skipley Lois Jean

Skipley Moonglow

Skipley Snoho Bill

Skipley Spot of Gold

Skipley Swan Song

Small World

Snoho Jo Jo


Strawberry Cream

Sugartown Sunrise

Sun Spot


Sweet Fabienne

Sweet Suzanne

Sylvia Craig Hunter

Tahoma April

Tahoma Early Dawn

Tahoma Kelli

Tahoma Little One

Take Off


Valley Tawny

Verkist Tranquility

Verrone's Obsidian

Verrone's Sandra J


Westerton Lilian

Wildwood Marie

Winholme Diane

Woodland's Wildthing

Wyn's Farmer John

Wyn's Pink Pearl

Wyoming Wedding



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