We want your tubers!

What’s better than a great deal on top-quality dahlias? Dahlia swaps! Like all dahlia lovers, we’re always hunting for new varieties. If you also love a good trade, lets get together.

Read how our dahlia swaps work; check out what dahlias we have available to trade with you and view our current wish list
— and then email us to set up a trade.

How it works

Check out our wish list and our varieties available for trade.

Step 2 – MAKE A DEAL
Email us what you have available for trade and what you’d like in return. This year we will have a (10) tuber minimum (ten tubers traded for ten tubers). No max. We love big swaps!

We are trading individual, pre-divided tubers with at least one visible eye per tuber, not clumps.

For all individuals we will ask for a 50% deposit on the retail value of the tubers you select, plus shipping, all of which will be refunded upon receipt of your half of the trade at our farm.

For more details on the refundable deposit (or if you are a farm) see our FAQs.

Once we’ve agreed on the trade, we will send you a code to use in the store that will give you 50% off your order, with full price shipping. Add the tubers you want us to trade to you to your cart as if you were completing a normal purchase, then input the code at checkout. 

Add the varieties (with quantities of each) which you intend to trade to us to the order notes.

Step 4 – CONFIRM
We will email you in the spring to confirm our trade is still on.

Please clearly mark each tuber and pack them safely. For help with this, check out our guide to marking, packing, and shipping dahlia tubers.

Step 6 – SHIP
All our trades will go out during our second shipping window (May 1st to May 12th 2023). Please ship your tubers to us during this timeframe as well (see FAQs for a few exceptions).

We will refund your deposit and shipping charge within two weeks of receipt of your trade at our farm. This means the cost of the trade (for both of us) winds up being only the cost of shipping.

What we've got

Here are the varieties we currently have available to trade. Most of these are also currently for sale. We keep a careful eye on stock, so this list will be frequently updated.