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Sunset View Farm is a community garden and small cut flower farm in Sussex County NJ. We use all natural methods in our fields and gardens: no chemical pesticides or fertilizers, ever. We are the Grinthal family: Andy (Dad), Linda (Mom), and sons Michael, Dan, and John.

We started selling a few bunches of Zinnias at the end of our driveway in 2013 when Linda suggested it as a way for John to earn enough money to buy a basketball hoop. Andy and John weren't sure it would work, but mother knows best. Today we are blessed to be spreading smiles through local flower stands that we just can't seem to keep full, along with a small commercial cut flower operation.

But what about Dahlias? Several years after getting started with Zinnias, Andy discovered Dahlias growing in one of our community gardener's plots and planted a few dozen tubers the next season.

The harvest grew over several years of cultivation, experimentation, and feedback from our flower stand customers. Until in 2021 we finally had enough Dahlias to offer for sale online for the first time.


We weren't sure that would work either!

But fast forward to today and we are happy to be sharing the bounty of our growing Dahlia patch with happy customers throughout Sussex County and all over the United States.

Please feel free to reach out us with questions and comments. We also love to see photos from our customers' gardens. From all of us at the Sunset View Farm community, thank you for your support!

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