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Trade Dahlias for Free with Dahlia Swap

Trade Dahlia Tubers for Free with Dahlia Swap

What’s better than a great deal on top-quality dahlias? Dahlia swaps! Like all dahlia lovers, we’re always hunting for new varieties. If you also love a good trade, lets get together.

Sign up below to be the first to know when swap season begins again. We expect to start putting together trades in January 2024!

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Great Dahlia Swap
of 2023

Last season, we traded 1800 home-grown, pre-divided tubers with gardeners and farmers all over America, many of whom had never shipped their own dahlias before. Boy was it fun opening all those boxes that spring! 

What would have cost us 18 to 25 grand only cost about $600 in postage. Dahlia swaps saved us more than 95% over retail prices, and we were able to scoop varieties that would have been nearly impossible to get through the dahlia hunger games, even if we had the budget.

We LOVE dahlia swaps, and we know you'll love them too!

We've got plans to make Dahlia Swap available to many more people starting winter 2024. Sign up on our interest form below to be the first to know when swapping season begins!

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It's the Fun and Free Way to Feed Your Habit!

How to trade dahlia tubers

Check out our wish list and our varieties available for trade. 


If you've got some varieties to trade that aren't on our wish list, ask us if we'd like them anyway! We just might. There are thousands out there, and we simply haven't discovered them all yet.


Step 2 – MAKE A DEAL
Email us what you have available for trade and what you’d like in return. This year we will have a (10) tuber minimum (ten tubers traded for ten tubers). No maximum, though. We love big swaps!

Note: we are trading individual, pre-divided tubers with at least one visible eye per tuber, not clumps.


We will email you in the spring just before shipping time to finalize our swap. This is the time to let us know if any of your tubers you had set aside to trade with us did not make it through the winter.


Once the trade is finalized, it's on to shipping!


Step 4 – SHIP
All our swaps will go out during our FIRST shipping window (April 17-28). Please ship your tubers to us during this timeframe as well (see FAQs for a few exceptions).

Please clearly mark each tuber and pack them safely. If you've never done this before, don't worry. We'll send you instructions for a few easy and inexpensive shipping options to make sure your tubers make it to us safely.


That's it! It's really a lot of fun swapping dahlias. It's one of our favorite ways to get new breeds into our collection, and we think you'll love it, too.

How it works
What we've got

Dahlia Tubers Available to Trade

Here are the varieties we currently have available to trade. Most of these are also currently for sale. We keep a careful eye on stock, so this list will be frequently updated.